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What is Viking Invasion?
The Viking Age began with a raid on the Lindesfarne Monastery in the Northern British Isles...

"AD. 793. This year came dreadful fore-warnings over the land of the Northumbrians, terrifying the people most woefully: these were immense sheets of light rushing through the air, and whirlwinds, and fiery dragons flying across the firmament. These tremendous tokens were soon followed by a great famine: and not long after, on the sixth day before the ides of January in the same year, the harrowing inroads of heathen men made lamentable havoc in the church of God in Holy-island (Lindisfarne), by rapine and slaughter." -Anglo Saxon Chronicle.

Thus the legend of the feared and mighty Norse began, and their legacy would shape Northern Europe as it emerged from the Dark Ages.

The Vikings were more than just bloodthirsty raiders, in fact, most were not Vikings at all. The word "Viking" (derived from "Vik" meaning bay, creek, or inlet in Old Norse) came to be synonymous with naval expedition, or a person on a naval expedition. As such, the majority of the people who lived during the Viking Age in northern Europe would not have been "Vikings". The true Vikings were those who traveled on their dreaded long ships and fought in wars, raids, or just for survival.

The bulk of the Northern European populace were known collectively as the Norse. The Norse (or Northmen) were farmers, traders, craftsmen, and musicians, as well as, feared warriors. They were known for their naval prowess and swift longboats, that could easily carry a raiding force inland on a shallow river or across a vast sea. For almost 400 years the Norse spread across most of Europe and were the first Europeans to set foot on North American soil.

The Viking Age ended as violently as it began, at the Battle of Hastings, between the King of Norway, Harald III Sigurdsson (Haraldr haršrįši), and Harold Godwinson King of the Anglo-Saxons.

In 2004 another invasion began...

The Jomsvikings, fierce warriors of Northern Europe, descended upon a small village in Central Texas. From the banks of the Brazos River they poured forth, led by the mighty Jarl of the Jomsviking Horde, Ulf-Erik. The Vikings had come and Waco was never to be the same again!

Once the town was tamed, an alliance was formed. Texas was not without its own courageous warriors, and the Texas Jomsbogelag was formed. At its head stood proud Regenwulf, its Styrsman. Brave men and women from all around the Southern United States gathered and an encampment was fashioned.

To this encampment came cunning shipwrights, broad-shouldered blacksmiths, mystical rune-casters, bold storytellers, jewelers, leatherworkers, and bloodthirsty warriors. Gold, silver, mead, and blood flowed freely, a sign of Sagas to come. But this was only a beginning! The winds are high and the Vikings grow restless. For there are many lands left to tame...

Viking Invasion invites you to share in the glory of the Viking Age. A slice of living history awaits you in our encampment along with glorious displays of live-steel combat!

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